Tapas Cooking Class 19 Sep 2020


Date: 19 September 2020

Tapa’s, Spanish snack food eaten with drinks in a Spanish Bar. Delightful small pieces of very tasty, food, perhaps a few bits, eaten with a fork or picked up with the fingers. Enjoy a taste of Spain in this cooking class with a snack that started over 200years ago as a simple cover for a glass.


  • Marinated Quail (Codorniz en Escabeche)
  • Tomato Salad (Ensalada de Tomate)
  • Catalan Flatbread (Coca de Recapte)
  • Spinach and White Bean Tortilla in Sauce (Truita Amb Suc)
  • Pork & Veal Meatballs with a fried Almond & Eggplant Sauce (Mandonguilles amb Augerginia)
  • Crusted Sardines with Green Beans and Chorizo (Sardinas con costra de judías verdes y chorizo)