At Kooroomba Gully we use only local, seasonal and chemical free produce. Where we can we use our own farm produce first, secondly purchase from other local hobby farms, or from our favourite outlet Oppy’s Fruit N Veg.Our range of products are all gluten free with no added colours – artificial sweeteners and flavours (except our sauces) and all made in our own kitchen. Our range is available at local outlets in the Scenic Rim and by ordering on our website.

Our range is available in bulk or 270ml jars.

All Year Round products


NEW – Beauy and Blue Basting sauce, made from the new beer from Scenic Rim Brewery – Beauy and Blue inspired by Stu’s pumpkins with a hint of cinnamon. This sauce is great for basting chicken, veal chops or lamb cutlets.

Digga’s Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce, made with Scenic Rim Brewery’s Digga’s Light Ale. stick it on your steak, slap it on your burger 

Fat Man’s Rib Sauce, made using Scenic Rim Brewery’s Fat Man Maroon Ale. Sticky and sweet made with local honey and great with any ribs or buffalo wings

Dam Hot Chilli Sauce, its hot!

Chutnies, Relishes & Pickles

Beetroot Relish, Aussie classic, great with burgers, kangaroo, ploughman’s lunch

Caramelised Onion Jam, buttery French style, brilliant with bangers and mash, on your burger, steak sandwich or cold meat sandwiches 

Chilli Jam, Thai spicy jam

Kasundi Spicy Indian chutney, serve with curries, baked potatoes & sour cream, sandwiches and cheese. This one will last forever.

NEW – Ginger Lime Pickle, to complete our Indian lime of Kasundi this lime pickle is fantastic with your favourite curry and big bold cheddar

Mediterranean Chutney, subtle herbs de Provence chunky chutney and full of flavour – excellent with meats and platters or cheese

NEW – Pear & Saffron Chutney, real saffron thread in this autumn pear chutney, great with vintage cheese, pork and veal

Sweet & Spicy Tomato & Apple Chutney, great with bread, cheese and corned meats

Tomato Relish our tomatoes grow all year round, we add native herbs – lemon myrtle, wattle seed, mountain peppercorn. Serve with sandwiches, platters, meats

Seasonal products

Finger Limes bush tucker food, the pearl of the citrus, sold commercial packs or 100gm packs

Olives, butter finish w garlic/chilli/or straight up

Basil Rocket Pesto not your standard, olives, cumin, red wine vinegar, lime. serve through pasta, bruschetta 

French Pate creamy French chicken liver pate topped with aspic


NEW – Blueberry and Strawberry, decadence in a jam, croissants, sponge cake, soft cheeses and blue cheese

Plum Port & Cinnamon, toast and cheese addition

Fig & Vanilla Bean Jam, rich and dense accompany savoury food. Delicious with ham, cheese or croissant

Strawberry Rose Jam, sweet with a hint of rose, decadent on croissant


Champagne & Apricot Conserve classic conserve with a bit of sparkle

Our range keeps on the shelf from a minimum of 9 months (some 12months), once opened should be used within 1 month. On the reverse of each bottle is the list of ingredients and nutrition information, batch number and recommended use by date.

The kitchen is licensed with Scenic Rim Regional Council and adheres to a very strict Food Safety Program which is reviewed yearly or otherwise when required.

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